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4 Reasons to Choose Resale Over Retail

I recently visited my long-time friend Jessica for a weekend in Ft. Worth. Thrifting has long been one of our favorite things to do together, and we couldn’t pass up another opportunity! I had saved some extra spending money just for the trip so I came away with quite a haul, and I thought I’d […]

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Happy Earth Day! (And Some Giveaway Winners)

photo by cupcakes2 Happy Earth Day everyone! Doing anything especially green today? At dinner last night my seven-year-old son said we should turn the lights off and use the sunshine instead–a simple change, but it’s good to know our kids are growing up with a love for the Earth! Okay, so I know you’re all […]

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12 Green Kids Crafts

Our favorite craft supply source in our home is by far the recycling bin! Not only does it save us money from buying materials, but it gives our recyclables a second life! Check out some of my favorite projects you can find online: 1. Recyled Bottle Cap and Plastic Lid Frog by Creative Jewish Mom […]

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