Cookie Surprise

My lovely friend Judy surprised me earlier this week with a box full of cookie-making goodies. She bid on the gift to help get things move along during a silent auction at our church last weekend and ended up winning it. She already had most of the items in the set and thought we could […]

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Secret Crochet Project

I taught myself to crochet over the summer and have started a project for a certain unnamed niece’s 3rd birthday next month. I started off learning by making washcloths, and have been driving myself nuts trying to perfect making these triangles. After many tries (and a handful of online tutorials) I think I finally have […]

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Hello (Sock) Kitty

So I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon and start a new blog dedicated to creating, family, and life as a mother of three. I’ve been addicted to my daily list of blogs to read–often inspired by their own creations–and have found myself crafting/sewing/making more and more. I’ll start by sharing some photos of the […]

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