Better Late Than Never: Halloween Photos

After being sick for the better half of last week I’m finally posting some of our Halloween pictures. Skyler was King Peter from Narnia, Liam was a gnome, I was an angel, and Eleanor was a ladybug. I’m proud to say that all of our costumes cost under $15 and I still have leftover fabric! […]

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Gnome Costume Coming Along

(please forgive me for the picture quality, it was taken from my phone) I found this easy-peasy costume tutorial for a gnome on the Family Fun website and am pretty much done. The original tutorial actually requires no sewing, but I took my sewing machine to the edges of the fake-fur beard to keep it […]

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Halloween in the Making

I made cookies with the kids last week using the goodies Judy gave us. Needless to say, this occurred over the span of three days–we didn’t get to make them all in one day as I’d hoped, so into the fridge with the dough! We did finally finish them with glaze and sprinkles, and they […]

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