in the garden

A Good Day

Sometimes life just hands you a good day. Yesterday we all had an extra day home together, the weather was just right, and so was everyone’s mood… …So we took to the outdoors and soaked in the life growing in our garden… …and discovered the seeds we had planted oh-so-long-ago, had grown in silence during […]

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Peppers, Pecans, and Fall Gardening

The drought in Texas has really done a number on our gardening efforts this year. The littlest pecans above are from the tree in our backyard, and the larger ones are from our neighbor’s tree (which hangs over our backyard). His tree got a big soaking when the hose was left on once. I guess […]

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Spring Greening Giveaway with Season’s Gleanings (CLOSED)

Locavores Dream Spiral **GIVEAWAY CLOSED** Our second giveaway of the week is for a set of four cards from Rio Thomas’ Etsy shop Season’s Gleanings. Rio’s cards feature whimsical photographs inspired by the local produce that grows in Whatcom county in northwest Washington state. Not only do her cards showcase the vibrant diversity of locally […]

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