7 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration


I began my creative journey writing and illustrating my own storybooks as a little girl, and continued on to overly dramatic poetry as a teenager. I loved making my own dollhouse furniture and accessories, and as I got older my bedroom was my biggest canvas, collaged from wall to wall with my favorite images torn […]

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Finding the Way to Quiet Land

The other night at the dinner table, our five-year-old, Eleanor, asked us where we would go if we had a time machine. The kids took turn sharing their ideas, and before I could give much thought to my answer, Eleanor exclaimed, “I know where mommy would want to go–Quiet Land!” We all had a laugh, […]

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Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. You.

Just this past fall I took a memoir writing class and found myself writing and sharing things I’ve never shared with anyone–and bawling my eyes out in a room full of strangers along with it.  I’ve spent so much time bottling the troubles of life away (there’s a whole lot more that goes to my […]

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I Was a Teenage Mother: My Journey through Motherhood

Although I’ve shared a few personal stories on my blog, I’ve never told this one. Just about anyone who knows me personally knows something about my story, or can at least do the math when they hear how old my oldest son and I are. But I’ve hesitated to share the story here. I guess […]

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Birthday Brain

birthdays board by maker mama via Pinterest As I mentioned in my Summer Wish List post, we have three of the kid’s birthdays coming up at the end of summer (and my husband’s this weekend), so I kinda have birthdays on the brain right now.  I did some brainstorming with the kids this afternoon, and […]

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