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Our Favorite Family Advent Calendar

This post contains affiliate links (Psst! Did you miss out on a few days of Advent? Truth in the Tinsel offers 4 alternate schedules to make your Advent devotionals more manageable–so it’s not too late to start! You can find the alternate schedules after Day 24 in your eBook.) Today marks the first day of […]

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We Made It | Pom-Pom Rings

This post contains affiliate linksAlong with our paper cup crowns, we also made some pom-pom rings for Eleanor’s party earlier this month. I was inspired by this tutorial on Sew-Crafty Kids. We hot glued our pom-poms onto some dollar store rings, although Sew-Crafty Kids has a clever way to make the ring that doesn’t require […]

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We Made It | Paper Cup Crown

We celebrated Miss Eleanor’s 6th birthday earlier this month, and instead of buying party hats we made some out of paper cups and headbands. We found the idea via Pinterest from a Portuguese blog, Estefi Machado. I found both the headbands and cups at the dollar store (the mini pompoms too), so this was a […]

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We Made It: Unicorn String Art

Although I’ve seen string art projects on Pinterest for a while now, I’ve never tried it out myself. And I still haven’t. Nope. Chris decided he wanted to help the kids make their own nail art over the Labor Day weekend. I’m usually the craft-project leader at our house, so I was excited to see how […]

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Perler Bead Rings

You all know my weakness for perler beads. I’m at it again. Click through to find out how crazy-easy it is to make your own perler bead rings. All you need is a circle pegboard and a few beads. Iron on both sides and you’ve got yourself some colorful jewelry. Perlers up! Raise your hand if you like […]

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