Making Meaning

 photo by Thin Glass   With the arrival of the new year last month, I played around with the idea of creating a to-do/goals list for the year to share with you all. I figured something like that would help keep me accountable for the myriad of things I’ve been wanting and meaning to do […]

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How This Mama (Sometimes) Copes

photo by raine* Although I have four kids, I’m not an expert. I forget at what month babies start to teeth or crawl. I don’t have potty training down to a science. My house is not all kisses and cuddles day in and day out. I’ve had my share of go-without-a-shower, dishes-up-to-the-ceiling, the-kids-(and me)-are-all-crying crazy […]

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A Nursing Mother’s Breast Friend

 photo by frogsthatmooNo, I’m not talking about hooter-hiders, pumps, or even the perfect nursing bra (does one even exist?). I’m talking about my smart phone. My iPhone, to be exact. Obviously this is not a required device for breastfeeding (Apple isn’t that good), but it has made my nursing experience more enjoyable this time around. […]

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