On Becoming a Single Mother (Again)

I’ve written before about I how I was a single teenage mom. Since then, I thought I was set for life in my marriage, only to learn about year ago that things were not what I’d thought they were. It’s too personal to go into all of the hows and whys here, but the point […]

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March Photo Diary

We shook off the cold, rainy days and burst into spring last month. There were a lot of free family events around town, and we paid visits to the San Antonio Museum of Art‘s First Sunday for Families, the McNay‘s spring break days, and Artpace‘s Family Day–San Antonio is a great place for art and […]

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The Most Important Back to School Supply Not on Your List

This time last year I was freaking out. We had just made our decision to take our kids out of public school and homeschool them for the first time ever. We’d pseudo-homeschooled over the summer and spent an incredible amount of time researching curriculum, philosophies, and you-can-do-it blog posts about the freedom of do-it-yourself education. […]

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Finding the Way to Quiet Land

The other night at the dinner table, our five-year-old, Eleanor, asked us where we would go if we had a time machine. The kids took turn sharing their ideas, and before I could give much thought to my answer, Eleanor exclaimed, “I know where mommy would want to go–Quiet Land!” We all had a laugh, […]

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Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. You.

Just this past fall I took a memoir writing class and found myself writing and sharing things I’ve never shared with anyone–and bawling my eyes out in a room full of strangers along with it.  I’ve spent so much time bottling the troubles of life away (there’s a whole lot more that goes to my […]

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