A Peek at This Week

Just a quick glance at our week–started off with some singing Monday morning… Exploring wildlife at a local park and a community art project during National Night Out on Tuesday Finding new pets in the backyard and enjoying Sea World’s homeschool day Eleanor’s first dance class and a ladies Project Life night on Thursday. We […]

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This Week | Breathing Easy

Last week left me a little wiped out, but after a wonderful breeze over the weekend, this week was much more friendly (although it did get back up into the 90s here). We’re settling into our homeschool routine, which includes plenty of time for play. We’ve also enjoyed exploring static electricity and have been inspired […]

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This Week | Could be Worse

This week kind of kicked my butt friends. Chris has been tackling the floor, and it made it interesting not being able to walk in or use the kitchen for a day and a half or so. On top of that it’s been pouring rain, I cracked my phone screen, one of our chickens died, […]

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This Week | Full & Messy

Five years old first sleepover 9/11 memorial tower climb exploring our city sister time and the lovely mess at the end of it all. I’m definitely beat this week. So many new things–still finding our rhythm with homeschooling and working on the kitchen. Trying not to be too hard on myself and keeping my chin […]

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This Week | Homeschool Newbies

This week we kicked off our first year of homeschool. There have been some ups and downs, but overall I’m really enjoying it (I’m sure I’ll share deeper thoughts on it all soon–just still processing the experience so far!). We got our new sink in and it’s so lovely to be doing dishes in the […]

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