Back to Basics with the Mending Basket

I bought my sewing machine just under two years ago and have been crafting up a storm ever since. My secret? I started off small. I mean miniscule. My first project was sewing the binding back onto my bathmat. Nothing glamorous or creative at all. At the time I had just resigned from my job […]

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Tummy Time Pillow

Take a look at what I whipped up last night! And no, I don’t mean this adorable baby… …I mean the pillow! After watching Amelia growing more and more frustrated trying to play on her belly last night, I remembered how much Skyler loved playing on his as a baby. And then I remembered the […]

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Friday Favorites: Best Projects of 2010

In looking back at the various projects I’ve made over the past year I’ve enjoyed making just about everything I’ve tried my hand at, but there are definitely some that have seen more use than others. Here’s a look at some of those projects and the impact they’ve had on our family: 1. Liam’s Quilt–This […]

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