12 Budget-Friendly Tips to Keep You & Your House Cool in Summer

how to keep your house cool in summer

This post is brought to you in partnership with Shafer Services Plus and may contain affiliate links Here in South Texas, figuring out how to keep your house cool in summer is a priority (especially with four kiddos and a pup!). I have the added challenge of living in a house that’s over a century […]

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Summering at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels

This post is sponsored by Schlitterbahn.   We took our much-anticipated trip to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels the other week. Can you believe I was brave (or crazy) enough to take the kids solo? It was a bit of a challenge, but we had a great time–and a good night’s sleep that night too! 

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Summer, Here We Come!

This post is sponsored by Schlitterbahn.Our school year is officially over, and it was a great one at that. Summer is here and I can’t wait to make it a great one, too! To kick off the fun, we’ll be headed off to Schlitterbahn, America’s Favorite Waterpark. Our last trip was amazing, and I can’t […]

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A Family-Friendly Trip to Tulsa

We’re back from our nine-day roadtrip to Tulsa, and like last year, I thought I’d share some snapshots of our visit. Overall it was a great trip. We made the drive up in a day and split it up with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge on the way back with my in-laws. I […]

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Schlitterbahn South Padre Island: The Best Little Vacation Spot in Texas


This post is sponsored by Schlitterbahn Earlier this month, we had an unexpected opportunity to take the kids for a weekend stay at the Beach Resort at Schlitterbahn South Padre Island. We usually make a day trip to the coast every summer, but don’t usually stay overnight so we can keep the cost (and stress […]

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