Summering at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels

This post is sponsored by Schlitterbahn.   We took our much-anticipated trip to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels the other week. Can you believe I was brave (or crazy) enough to take the kids solo? It was a bit of a challenge, but we had a great time–and a good night’s sleep that night too! 

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Summer, Here We Come!

This post is sponsored by Schlitterbahn.Our school year is officially over, and it was a great one at that. Summer is here and I can’t wait to make it a great one, too! To kick off the fun, we’ll be headed off to Schlitterbahn, America’s Favorite Waterpark. Our last trip was amazing, and I can’t […]

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A Family-Friendly Trip to Tulsa

We’re back from our nine-day roadtrip to Tulsa, and like last year, I thought I’d share some snapshots of our visit. Overall it was a great trip. We made the drive up in a day and split it up with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge on the way back with my in-laws. I […]

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Schlitterbahn South Padre Island: The Best Little Vacation Spot in Texas


This post is sponsored by Schlitterbahn Earlier this month, we had an unexpected opportunity to take the kids for a weekend stay at the Beach Resort at Schlitterbahn South Padre Island. We usually make a day trip to the coast every summer, but don’t usually stay overnight so we can keep the cost (and stress […]

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