Celebrating Safer Internet Day & How to Be Internet Awesome


This post is sponsored by Google and written in partnership with Forward Influence This week, Google hosted it’s Be Internet Awesome event in celebration of Safer Internet Day. I jumped at the opportunity to attend and learn more about the efforts being made to ensure that conversations about online safety are happening not just at […]

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DIY 3D Printed Vintage Ornaments


This post is sponsored by HP® Sprout   I have a weakness for cute collectibles from the thrift store. I’ve had these sweet kissing angels for a while now, and they have yet to find the right space in my home, so they’ve been packed away for ages. When HP contacted me about their 3D printing […]

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Creating a Digital Vision Board

I’ve always loved making collages. Maybe it was the 90’s child in me, but most of my school folders were covered in magazine cutouts. I even covered my bedroom walls with collaged words and images that struck my fancy. I’ve been meaning to make myself a vision board since the new year (aka the grownup […]

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Next Issue App Review

One of my favorite ways to unwind and find inspiration at the same time is to kick back with a favorite magazine. Stick a cup of coffee (iced during the summer, of course), and I could fill an hour flipping through an entire stack. But then I need to find a place for the stack […]

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Keyboard Pencil Jar

This post is sponsored by Goodwill SA, who not only generously supported our Etsy craft party with all the keyboards we could ask for, but also supports the greater San Antonio community by changing lives through the power of work. Last week we held our Etsy craft party at Geekdom, a local collaborative workspace for […]

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