DIY Magnetic Chalk Trays

**Disclosure: I received a gift card from Goodwill SA for the thrifted supplies in this project. I received no direct monetary compensation for writing this post. I’ve also included some affiliate links if you’d like to purchase supplies online.** I’m not the first person in the world to put chalkboard on trays, but after finding […]

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Poor Mama’s Nutless Basil Pesto Sauce Recipe


Hi there, and welcome to my first recipe post! In all the years I’ve been blogging and sharing project ideas I’ve never posted a food how-to. And I actually rather enjoy cooking–it’s the dishes afterwards that I hate). We do most of our cooking from scratch, mainly because it’s usually cheaper, but it’s also healthier, […]

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Plastic Canvas Patio Set

I’m taking part in the super-awesome Plastic Canvas Blog Hop hosted by Diane Gilleland (aka Sister Diane) of CraftyPod this week. When she put the call out for pc crafters I jumped at the opportunity. I have a little obsession with plastic canvas crafts (especially quirky thrift store finds), and I’ve been a big fan […]

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How to Find Cached Screenshots of Your Blog (And a Visual History of Maker Mama)

Original image by Garrett Gill Notice anything different on the blog? I’ve changed my banner! I have to say I’m pretty proud of my perler bead social media buttons (go ahead, click on them, I’ll wait). Working on these changes got me thinking about the evolution of my blog. It’s gone through so many different […]

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Perler Bead Crafts | Earrings


Last month’s perler bead crafts project was such a hit, that I thought I’d keep the theme going with some perler bead earrings. I don’t wear earrings very often, but I’m super-excited to wear these ones! Materials Other than your perler beads, pegboard, iron, and parchment paper, you’ll need to get some jewelry pliers and your […]

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