Perler Bead Bangles

This post originally appeared on The Southern Institute I’m sure many of you remember playing with perler beads as a kid (at least I know I do). I’ve fallen in love with them again after seeing so many awesome ideas floating around online lately. So I got inspired and picked up some supplies to make […]

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Secret Pinterest Search Tip

photo credit: x-ray delta one Have you ever found yourself frustrated with searching on Pinterest? Can’t remember that one pin about that really cool craft on your friend’s board (or your own)? Just want to find a great recipe in your current following feed? Read on to discover my insider’s tip for how to really […]

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DIY Doilies

Valentine’s Day is next week, are you ready? As a craft blogger, I feel obligated to send my kids off to school with nothing less than handmade Valentines (no pressure, right?). And with four kids that’s a lot of Valentines, so keeping it simple is a must. That’s where these DIY Doilies come into play. […]

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