Quick Craft: Art Supply Caddy

Another quick craft featuring recyclables and Mod Podge today. Remember the bottle I used for my vase? Well, it came in a handy little holder, of course, so why not reuse that, too? Grab yourself a drink caddy (one from the drive-thru would be perfect, too), some Mod Podge, paintbrush, and some fun scrapbook paper. […]

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Quick Craft: Headband Redo

My favorite headband snapped in half about a month ago and I just couldn’t bear to part with it. I tried fixing it up with superglue, electrical tape, and even my trusty glue gun, but I finally had to admit defeat. Until I decided to get rid of the headband altogether, save the flower, and […]

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Spinning Valentine

This is a quick and fun little Valentine’s project to make. Cut out a circle (use something sturdy like cardboard or cardstock), punch some holes, add some rubber bands, and then write half of your message on each side. Be sure that the message on the back is printed upside down so that it will […]

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