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The Pocket Road trip planning guide

This is your quick-start guide to planning your first (or your next) road trip. You’ll get everything you need from an experienced road tripper to plan out all of the details of your dream trip.

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Do any of these sound familiar?

You scroll through Facebook and Instagram looking at your friend's travels and wish you had your own travel memories to share. You've never been on a road trip and feel overwhelmed figuring out how to plan one. Traveling on your own––or with kids––sounds daunting. You don't allow yourself to pursue your dreams of hitting the open road.

The Pocket Road Trip Planning Guide will give you all the tools you need to not only dream up your next road trip, but help you save money, and bring the memories back home with you, too.

Whether you plan to camp or find the perfect home away from home, I’ll give you tips for finding the best place to rest your head.

Get tips on what to pack–from your wardrobe to emergency car supplies. A prepared road tripper is a happy road tripper!

I’ll show you how to think beyond the digital for bringing road trip memories back home–and still capture the perfect vacation pic, too.

What if you could...

Find freedom and a new sense of joy and possibility in your life? What would it feel like to break out of feeling trapped at home and create a new shared experience that you and your kids will always remember?

What if you could crack open the lid you’ve put on your life and find the courage to face the unknown? What would it feel like to drive thousands of miles and go on an adventure of your own making?

What would it feel like to take the wheel and create more happiness in your life?

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Hey, I'm Amy

I’m a self-employed divorced mama of four who was terrified of taking a solo trip longer than a few days with my kids, let alone out of state. Flash forward five years and I’ve gone on a number of long distance road trips with my kids, including New Mexico and Colorado (twice) from my home in San Antonio, Texas. I also hit the road frequently as a solo woman traveler (West Texas is my favorite respite). 

I’ve navigated car camping and cooking out of a cooler (and sleepless nights of being bear-aware), cracked windshields on the road, and traveling safely during the pandemic. 

I believe that being prepared for the unexpected is better than succumbing to the fear of the unexpected, and that hitting the open road is a practice in letting go and letting the expansiveness of life in. 

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